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Posted on 2010.10.07 at 01:12

if you're adding me as a friend please let me know! i've been getting lots of random adds lately and i'm trying to determine who's who.


Outfit lust

Posted on 2009.12.09 at 17:25
I love these, from Syrup's Fall/Winter collection:


I am fickle when it comes to fashion

Posted on 2009.06.28 at 00:14
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Forget everything I've ever said before on the subject, this is hands down the best and totally most amazing outfit I have EVER seen. Completely fucking right somehow. I have spent the last hour looking at photos of Irma Serrano, and I am in love! I can't wait to rock multicolored sequined and bedazzled dresses, flowers in my hair, granny/cowboy boots, and a gold lame gunbelt??????? (Okay, I'm obviously not tough enough for a gun belt so maybe just a gold belt?)

If it's good enough for the former senator of Chiapas it's good enough for me!

What's the most perfect outfit you've ever seen?



Posted on 2009.06.18 at 14:13
These days I generally think shows are boring and basically refuse to go unless I have to because a friend's band is playing or something. Nonetheless I'll take a photo or two to pass the time...


me and my brother

Posted on 2009.05.22 at 10:57
I would totally still wear this shirt (my brother's still rocking that hairdo).

me at 6


i need

Posted on 2009.03.30 at 02:25


this is what i wanted to say

Posted on 2009.02.10 at 03:05
hear: paula frazer
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this is what i wanted to say

this looks so much like something i would have made when i was 18. i'm glad i made it today. it's a nice break from trying to figure out color separations on somewhat (not really) complex multi-color silkscreens. i have to go into the studio tomorrow to do some more work but i hate being there when anyone else is working.

in other news i need to somehow figure out how to stop myself from being seemingly inexorably drawn into a bad situation. well maybe it wouldn't be all that bad maybe it would be what i need but probably it will be all fucked up and horrible. vague! fun! bleh!


art of the day

Posted on 2009.02.06 at 00:14
hear: dinah washington
I'm currently overly obsessed with this painting by Jean Fouquet:

Madonna and Child

painted ca 1450

It looks so modern. The colors are driving me crazy right now.

buffalo girl won't you come out tonight

sketch i've been working on.

Posted on 2009.02.04 at 18:09
this is what i'm working on this right now. i've been drawing and editing for the last couple hours.

industry *draft*

does this animal look like a jackalope to you? it's kind of like a pandalope or something.... hm. i need to work on this before i shoot the screen and attempt a print.


Backhanded compliment time!

Posted on 2009.02.03 at 17:58
Someone commented on one of my flickr pics saying "You're actually a really cute girl. You have a pretty face and your body isn't 'bad' but if you did a few situps and lost a little weight you could really be stunning. You have naturally good curves but some of them get lost in the extra weight!"

Um. Ok. I deleted it because it was just so weird that some random person thought they needed to help me out. I wanted to send a personal message saying "Oh god! I'm fat? Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!! I was wondering what was keeping me from maximum hotness!"

I don't mind people thinking I'm fat. I am fat. I mind people thinking they somehow know what's best for me. I know this isn't exactly a revolutionary sentiment but it's really bothering m and I'm not sure I can adequately express why.

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